March 21-23, 2024

Wyndham Hotel & Ft. Smith Convention Center

Ft. Smith, Arkansas

Welcome to Mid-America PETS

Mid-America PETS was formed with a view to becoming an informative training event with the atmosphere of a mini Rotary International Convention.

Every year there is a new Rotary theme, new District leaders, and new leadership in Rotary International.  Come meet the leaders and learn the how to prepare for a successful year as Club President!

Each year keynote speakers will inform and reinforce our program and our conversations, inviting us all to consider concepts like “thinking out of the box,” leading your Rotary club to be more project-oriented and engaging your club members.

​You will leave this PETS program feeling “fired up” and eager to begin the amazing year ahead as your Rotary club’s President!

Exciting news! Mid-America PETS is around the corner, and we’re thrilled to announce our lineup of keynote speakers, including prominent figures from Rotary International Senior Leadership. President Elects, Nominees, Rotaract, and Satellite Club Chairs, PDG’s this is your chance to gain invaluable insights for the year ahead. Register today!

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PETS Registration

Registration fee for Presidents-elect has already been billed to your Club by your district. Presidents-nominee, Satellite Chairs and Rotaract club leaders are encouraged to register to attend PETS, too.

Presidents-elect need to REGISTER FOR PETS and make reservations for hotel accommodations.


President-elect Resources

Looking for information to prepare for your year as Club President Click HERE to find resources including Pre-PETS Courses, club leadership training manuals, and other valuable material to help you get started in your leadership and have a successful year as Club President.

Hotel Reservations & Map

Reserve your hotel room and get our special Rotary PETS Room Rate. CLICK HERE to make a reservation. 

Finding your way to Fort Smith is easy. CLICK HERE for directions to the Wyndham Hotel and Ft. Smith Convention Center.

Future PETS Dates

Save the Date for these upcoming PETS trainings:

March 20-22, 2025

March 19-21, 2026

Vendor & Exhibitor Registration

Vendors & Exhibitors must be registered to participate in the 2024 Mid-America PETS event. All registrations must be paid in full before February 1, 2024.

PETS is Mandatory BUT that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

Every Rotary club president-elect is required to participate in President-elect training each year.  With that in mind, Mid-America PETS designs the three day conference to truly benefit the attendees providing opportunities to learn about the breadth of Rotary and share ideas with fellow Rotarians and have some fun along the way!

As a four-district president-elect training seminar, Mid-America PETS can attract engaging, motivating speakers as well as the best trainers and facilitators from each of the districts. The curriculum is frequently updated so new ideas are presented and discussed.

A lot of information is covered during the two day training and president-elect nominees (PN) are encouraged to attend as are Satellite Club Chairs and Rotaract Club Leaders.  All club leaders will leave PETS prepared to create a plan so, when it is time to serve as club president, a vision of what the club can do in one year is already in place.

RI’s by-laws requires mandatory PETS attendance for all presidents-elect. You cannot serve if you have not attended PETS. If you are unable to attend Mid-America PETS, immediately contact your district governor-elect to make arrangements to attend another PETS in a different region. It will be up to you to make those arrangements to meet the requirements of RI. Opting not to attend one’s own PETS but instead attending a PETS elsewhere is a joint decision which must be made in concert with your governor-elect. All PETS, world-wide, generally take place during a six-week window that runs from mid-February through the end of March.